I just launched a website for planning out ballpark road trips and thought it might come in handy


I'm constantly looking for input as I add more features, and would love any feedback.


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Hi joe, nice to have another Canadian in here at BP Chasers. Welcome.
anyone know when the 2012 schedule comes out?  I've heard talk about division re-alignment and different playoff formats etc.  maybe that will delay the schedule.....  if anyone knows- please advise. thanks!

They come out tomorrow as far as I know.

cool!  would be good to start thinking about seeing the Jays on the east coast and california next summer.  its good to have that to look forward to, cause it'll be a long winter!

Heres Toronto's 2012 schedule




For other teams, replace the tor with the appreviated city name IE bos for Boston, etc. ESPN's schedule page doesnt show all teams yet but playing around with this link you can get to them...


My targets right now

May 7-9 Red Sox @ KC
May 11-13 Braves @ St Louis


Next year's schedule is up! www.baseballtripplanner.com/2012


As Tim pointed out, the schedules did come out today and Baseball Trip Planner has been updated so you can start browsing through the schedule and planning your trips now.  Ticket information won't be out for a few months, though.


The Missouri trip looks great - and if you want to add a couple games, you can catch the White Sox and Brewers in Chicago and Milwaukee that following weekend.  Only 5 hours from Busch Stadium to US Cellular.

Been to those and while . Need to finish the list before repeating so I may add Minneapolis to it at the end and fly there from St Louis.
debating between a Jays game in Anaheim or Oakland.  Anyone have input to which would be a better choice?  (Oakland would be paired with a game in SF, and Ana would be paired with a Dodger game)

I really like AT&T Park in SF and wouldn't pass up on the game there. But Oakland coliseum is awful and not a very good stadium. Just my opinion as I detest multi-purpose stadiums. Then I like the 2 stadiums near LA too...


Are you going to spend time sight-seeing in either city? This would be the difference for me as I really like SF and could spend a lot of time there. Im not a big fan of LA...

spending time is being debated now.  we might bring our wives and daughters in which case we'd stay for a few days....  and i've been to AT&T park, my friend hasnt.  so based on that we might spend most of our time in SD and head to Anaheim for a game, ( and possibly squeeze in a Dodger game too if possible.)
Not a bad choice either. Have you been to Petco Park for the Padres?
no, Petco is one I've wanted to check out for a while.  and so i can break out my old school Padres jersey (brown and yellow) that my wife hates!  if we could check off Petco, Anaheim and Dodger stadiums then it would be a good trip.  Not much interest in Oakland's park...



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