I am going to Florida in July to surprise my parents for their anniversary.  I was hoping that the Marlins were home but they are away on a nasty looking road trip (St Louis to Phoenix to New York) so I am going to another Rays game at the Trop! I don't mind the Trop in person and am looking forward to the changes they made this year in eliminating that restaurant in the OF so you can walk all the way around. 

Unfortunately, I fly into Ft Myers and will be driving to St Pete for the game that night. Thanks to the Chaser Guide here, I have a cheap room booked at the Comfort Inn Tropicana Field.  I realize it is nothing special but it's cheap and for one night!  The next morning I am going to do a ballpark tour and then go surprise my parents that night. 

I bought a ticket for Section 212 (should be right under the Pepsi sign above the 1st Base dugout). Since the game is against the Royals, it will be a very small crowd.  Watch me get shown on TV blowing the surprise for the next night. I may just spend the game walking the stadium...like I did at Citi Field a few weeks ago.



I am looking forward to the tour as it gets you access to the field and the dugout.  I am interested in seeing how hard that field is (ie walking on the field, etc).  Plus you get to go in the dugout / clubhouse.  It should be a great trip.

What are your feelings on the Trop? Any suggestions for lunch before the game?



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$75 per night. They are running specials so it is possible that I am on the low side.

Wow, that's a great deal!

Damn Rays.  Besides them intentionally drilling Ortiz on Friday night, they just cancelled the tour I was supposed to go on without notifying me (as of today) so I have to change my plans slightly.  Going to the Lowry Park Zoo and then the Yuengling Brewery / Cigar City Brewery for the day.

Ahhh, that is a bummer!

Not much I can do about it.  I am just going to spread out the brewery tours

You should have lunch at the lucky dill deli and hit up Fergs.



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