Me & my group of buddies, fellow chasers, will be leaving from PA to go see the Pirates vs Yankees play in Yankee stadium this upcoming season.

We were thinking out our trip and we think we'd be best off driving to somewhere outside of the city, say East Rutherford, stay, then take some sort of public transportation to the game, then at the end of the night going back out of the city to stay in the hotel.

Since we are all in agreement that we want to stay on the cheap side, does anyone have any experience doing this sort of trip? Or any suggestions on places to stay outside of NYC that offer transportation into the city?


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New Jersey has a large,safe Park-and-Ride lot in North Bergen, just off NJ-3, Drive your car there and buy parking and bus ticket for the driver, plus individual bus tickets for each passenger. From there the bus takes you to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in midtown Manhattan in about ten minutes during non-rush hour periods, much longer during the evening rush. Once at the bus terminal in NYC, take an A or C line subway train uptown to 59th St. Change there for the D train, which will take you to 161st St. in the Bronx at Yankee Stadium. This way is tried and true, and avoids all the hassle of driving into the city and paying a fortune for parking.

Thanks michael!  That looks ideal.  I really appreciate the reply and the detailed info... looks actually pretty easy.

Glad to help.  In my original post I meant to say "New Jersey Transit."  See their website for bus skeds and more info about the Park and Ride lot. 

Also be advised that concession prices at Yankee Stadium are unbelievably high, even by ballpark standards.  If you're on a budget, grab a bite at Port Authority or in the Bronx before entering the ballpark.

Arrive early and visit Monument Park in center field.  Mandatory pilgrimage for Yankee fans.

Michael, Just wanted to write back and say thank you again for these directions/instructions.  I printed them out and took them with us and it was perfect.  It made the trip so simple, it was unbelievable.

Thanks again - my buddies and i are already talking of a return trip now that we see how easy it was!

Glad it all worked out.  I had the misfortune to see the Mazeroski homer live on TV, and other than deaths in the family and actual tragedies like the space shuttle and 9/11, it is one of the worst moments of my life.  Took a long time to forgive the Pirates, but I kind of like them now, plus I wear a Pirate hat that I got during a promotion at PNC Park in 2001.  You Steel City guys are always welcome in NY/NJ!

Did you go to all 3 games? I was at the doubleheader yesterday.  2 great games! Was hoping the Pirates won both but still enjoyable games.  Enjoyed Yankee Stadium but hate the Corporate naming items everywhere including the "Meet the Umpires, presented to you by Sharper Image", etc.

we only went to the saturday game.  We really should have stayed for the weekend series but time wasn't really on our side.  Saturday was a mess; the Pirates can't compete if the other team is hitting 5+ HR's in a game!

There is always the next time but its obviously rare the Pirates play in Yankee Stadium.  That was an ugly game on Saturday for sure but I am glad it worked for you

Last season I stayed at the Days Inn Bronx, 997 Brook Ave, Bronx.

It was the cheapest I could find and it was a good/decent hotel all things considered.  I drove to the stadium, but if it's a few you guys, you can just catch a cab.



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