If you were Kenny Williams, who would you target leading into the trade deadline?

Looking at the White Sox starting staff, without Floyd and Danks, it's staff to assume Kenny is searching for starting pitching and experienced veteran relievers. 

We've all heard the Greinke rumors, but what players would you want to help bolster the White Sox chances of winning the AL Central?

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In a perfect world I'd like to get at least one more starter in here. If we can get a Hamels/Grienke/Dempster/Liriano type that would be great, but given the limited trade market I'd settle for a 4 or 5 type. But getting a top guy makes a 1-2-3 punch that is dangerous in a short series.

Bullpen could use a little bolstering as well. Knowing Thornton is the only vet I'd prefer to get a righty in to balance it out. Health is my only concern for the starting lineup so a little bench depth would be nice too....



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