Unfortunately, our widget is down. Google maps made changes which has affected our ability to display our widget on a profile page or website. We are in the process of rebuilding it so stay tuned for updates. Thank you for your patience. has developed a ballpark map widget to easily track your quest to see all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums! Follow these five simple steps to have your very own Ballpark Chasers Road Map displayed on your profile page or personal website.

1.) Select your favorite marker: a pushpin, baseball, vintage ballpark photo or a Ballpark Chasers flag logo. (Keep in mind that you can change your selection at any time while customizing your Ballpark Map Widget).

2.) Click the “+” symbols next to each division and select the ballparks you have visited.

3.) After finishing your ballpark selections, click the green button, “Add to your Ballpark Chasers Page”. If you wish to add your widget to a website other than, click the black button, “Get code for your Website”.

4.) Highlight the code that is displayed, right click and copy it.

5.) Click here to go to your profile page. If you have not signed in or not a member, you can do that now. Next, paste the code in the “Text Box” and click “Save”. You will find this box in the middle of your profile page and you can edit the box by clicking the “edit” button. Keep in mind that there will be two boxes visible after clicking "edit". The top box is simply a title bar to name your ballpark map while the larger box is where you paste in the code.

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