A 1990's grainy view of the auxiliary scoreboard at "The Corner". I loved my time of seeing ball games without loud sound systems, flashing light scoreboards and field lights. It taught me to watch the game. There were no big video boards to replay the moment in the event I was looking elsewhere. For me, I enjoy watching the replay of a great play, however, I don't need a giant scoreboard image screaming "Home Run" to me. Hey, I'm at the game, the scoreboard doesn't need to explain what I just witnessed. Most present day Stadiums will inconveneintly turn off the auxiliary (ribbon boards) in order to sell us a car, a burger or remind us to cheer. In the old days, this simple sentinel at Tiger Stadium told us the score and count throughout the whole game. Check out the little football shaped possession lights. They were used for the Lions NFL games before their move to Pontiac in 1974.

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