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Having missed seeing a game in Monterrey, Mexico, when MLB last played there in 1999, I was determined not to make up for that this time around.  I contacted the nominal home team, the San Diego Padres, who were very kind and helpful in my obtaining a ticket.  I flew to Houston from NJ on…


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Hey Chasers---I'm psyched to see the Marlins vs. Rays at Estadio Latinoamericano in Havana! The place holds 55,000 and no doubt would sell out in a heartbeat for a major league game. It might happen sooner than we think. A good Cuban cigar would be a treat, too.

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Yankee Stadium-1957

This is the scorecard cover from August 8,1957, Washington Senators at New York Yankees. The Nats won the game 6-1, before a throng of 9108. Mickey Mantle batted third and Yogi Berra batted cleanup, but the only homer hit that day was by the light-hitting Eddie Yost (the "walking man") of the Nats. I'll periodically be posting scorecard covers from other games I attended in different ballparks if there is any interest amongst the group.…


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Day Trip to Houston From NJ

Traveled to Houston yesterday to see the Yankees and Astros play their final game of the season. As usual used airline miles to make the trip in one day to avoid the hassles of baggage and overnight stays. Left Newark at 5:20 AM, was in Houston before 8, rented a car, and spent the morning visiting geographic highpoints (another hobby) in the area, Houston's highest natural elevation being an oxygen-deprived 280+ feet!

The game itself was 14 innings of mostly bad baseball between two…


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Day Trip to Marlins Park

Had a successful trip to Marlins Park yesterday and got my ballpark total up to 66, where it's likely to stay for some time until the A's build a new park or MLB schedules more games in foreign venues.

Flew out of Newark at 6AM, landed in Miami (MIA) at 9. Had some chow, killed time with a book until 10:30, then headed for the ballpark. From MIA, look for signs for the MIA Mover and Metrorail. In most cases you will take an elevator up to level three, then follow signs to the MIA…


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Tokyo Trip

Just returned from my trip to see the A's vs. M's at the Tokyo Dome.  Flew out of Newark late morning on Tuesday, arrived Tokyo after 14-hour flight the next afternoon without seeing a night.  Checked into a hotel near the Narita Airport and immediately headed for Tokyo, some 40 miles away, by train(s). Getting off the train and walking to the Dome with the excited baseball crowd felt completely familiar, except that everyone was Japanese and the sign on the ballpark read, "TOKYO…


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Oakland Ballpark Situation

I recently asked a buddy in Oakland when the A's were going to build a new ballpark.  Here is his take on the situation:

"Unfortunately, for years the City handled the whole issue very badly.  There was an opportunity to build a new park downtown – and then on the water – but both plans fizzled.  The fiscal situations of both Oakland & the county are now terrible, so no public money will be available for who know how long.  San Jose would like to build a park (they are…


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Bought a ticket yesterday for the March 28th game at the Tokyo Dome between the A's and the Mariners.  Using frequent flier mileage for the flight from Newark, NJ, and only staying over one night in Tokyo, so the cost should be manageable.  I've been to Tokyo before, courtesy of Uncle Sam, so am not concerned with sightseeing this time around.  This ought to be a very unusual experience, and I'll be sure to post some highlights after my return.

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My Excellent Minnesota Adventure

I saw the Indians hammer the Twins at Target Field yesterday (4/22). I sat nine rows up in the top deck ("Home Plate View") almost behind home plate, but did not seem so far above the action as in other stadiums, e.g. in a similar location in Yankee Stadium. The scoreboards and large replay board are modest by current standards, but very nice nonetheless. Chow is OK and average-priced. There are great views of downtown from most seats, and in general the park has a very good feel about it. Fans… Continue

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Thanks For The Welcome Notes

Good to be among friends. Speaking of visiting a lot of ballparks, I just this morning discovered Dr. Seth Hawkins, a retired professor from Minnesota, whose major league ballpark visits number in the seventies! He's been to the handful I've missed since the 1950s. Google his name for more info. He goes by "Dr. Fan," and has gotten a fair amount of press. I reached out to him this morning via a baseball group he belongs too, and hope to hear back. If he responds, I'll try to recruit him to… Continue

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Hello Everybody!

Glad to be among fellow ballpark chasers. I am 66 and starting visiting major league ballparks in the 1950s with my dad. One of the few benefits of old age (besides senior discounts) is that I got to visit many first generation ballparks before they were replaced by newer stadiums mostly during the 1960s and 70s. Sad to say I missed Braves Field and Sportsmans Park. I've since seen all the second generation ballparks and am now visiting the newest parks as they open up. Just saw games at Yankee… Continue

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