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Marlins Park August 2015

Finally got to Marlins Park this month, and liked it a lot. We took a trip down to Miami for an overnight just to get to the park - although stayed in South Beach so did an Art Deco walking tour as well, absolutely worthwhile. I saw what I figured must be Marlins Park from the air as we were coming in for landing, and confirmed in the taxi on the way there that yes, that is what I saw. We thought it was big and flashy, and while it would look awful just about anywhere else, was absolutely…


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The Strasburger - for you Ballpark Foodie Types

Big news, had a Strasburger last night at Nats Park!  I was at the game with a group of friends, six of us, at one of the tables at the Red Porch, back around where we were facing the center field entrance.  Seemed like the right time and place to order a Strasburger, (he was pitching and it was his 24th birthday) which turned out to be quite good - this is an eight pound cheeseburger, about the size of a layer cake, and we cut it up into six pieces, so everyone got a slice sized about as…


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Citifield in June, 2010

This is my last posting of ballparks visited in 2010.

We were up in New York for other reasons, so checked out which team was in town – Mets, against the Twins – and planned to go.   I liked the Citibank Field space a lot, good place to walk around – from the subway you enter through a two story rotunda (main concourse is up an escalator) that is dedicated to Jackie Robinson, with lots of pictures and quotes, quite touching.  Other aspects of the park are tributes to Ebbetts Field and…


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Comerica Park, June, 2010 - Nats at Tigers

Comerica is a real baseball cathedral. It is designed so that downtown Detroit, which has beautiful buildings, (albeit many unoccupied) is the full panorama of the outfield, and makes it ever so much more annoying that the Capitol cannot be seen from much of Nats Park. There are large tiger sculptures at many of the entrances – skulking, snarling – and there are tiger heads with baseballs in their mouths along several of the exterior walls which look like gargoyles or sconces, and the baseballs… Continue

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Nats at Indians, June 2010

I have regularly done writeups of ballparks that we have visited, so I'm trying to get these posted so that they are all collected together. To come: Comerica Park, Citifield, and new Yankee Stadium.

Progressive Field in Cleveland, OH June 12 and 13 2010

This park was opened in 1995 as Jacobs Field, and is still known in some quarters as “the Jake”. It has a nice urban feel, with some downtown buildings in the background view from the stands. As we were on foot coming to the… Continue

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Petco Park June 2011

Second part of a west coast trip, following the Nats.  Enjoy!

PetcoPark is white concrete and sand-colored stone, like the stone walls of the Museum of the American Indian on the national mall.  The light towers are solid and look like light-colored adobe, giving the impression of bell towers at a Spanish mission.  The exception to the southwest colors is the incorporation of the Western Metal Company building in far left field – the corner of the building is the foul pole – which is…


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AT&T Park June 2011

We have been regularly doing a ballpark trip every year, and this year followed the Nats out to San Francisco and San Diego.  Below are my notes from AT&T Park - Petco Park notes will be posted in a few days.

AT&T Park looks a lot like OPACY has been transplanted to the Oakland Bay, and this park certainly has the prettiest natural setting of any baseball park that we have seen.  It was particularly nice to get to the right field walkways and seats, as these have a terrific…


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Visiting Nats Park - July 2011

The best way to come to Nats Park is by subway Green Line, to Navy Yard station - closest entrance to the park is at the back end of the train, coming from Chinatown/Gallery Place and L'Enfant Plaza.  However, the opposite entrance, at M Streets and New Jersey Avenue, is much less crowded after the game, so walk over there rather than trying the closest entrance.  If the game has been crowded - everyone staying to the end and/or a strong attendance to begin with - it may be easier to walk North… Continue

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