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Jamsil (KBO) during spring training

My baseball craving was only very slightly sated by an emergency trip to Daejeon to see the Hanwha Eagles on Saturday 15th April, but that trip was rushed. Very rushed. So I didn’t have time to have much of a wander around what looks to be a very nice stadium.

I made sure I had plenty of time for wandering when I headed into Jamsil Stadium in Seoul for a Saturday spring training game – KIA Tigers at LG Twins.  It’s a rather tedious and uncomfortable 2 hours on a very…


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Next stop - Korea and the KBO

I have landed a job in Korea for the next 12 months.  I start work on 14 February.  

Opening day for the KBO is March 29 at Jamsil (Seoul), Munhuk (Incheon), Daegu (Daegu) and Sajik (Busan) and the season runs through until the middle of September.  I can probably make Sunday afternoon games in Seoul, Incheon and Daejeon from where I will be living. but it will probably make more sense to go for a Saturday evening game and stay overnight. The other stadiums in the south of the…


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Caneros de Los Mochis

I expected that the game would be a lot quieter than the Sunday afternoon game, but Los Mochis was having NONE of that. I just about had a heart attack when the banda started, having failed to see the band come in.…


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Algodoneros de Guasave (Liga Mexicana del Pacifico)

I arrived in Guasave in the early afternoon on a Sunday. Outside of the touristy areas in Sinaloa and Sonora, Sunday morning is really very quiet, with nearly everything closed. Guasave was shut up tighter than a drum.

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Beer Vendors

Beer vendors in the Liga Mexicana del Pacifico wear high vis so you can always find one if you have a sudden-onset beer emergency. Mexico rocks.

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Culiacan Tomateros (Mexican Pacific League)

Culiacan was the city I was most anxious about before I started this trip. The travel warnings from the US Department of State about Sinaloa generally and specifically about Culiacan are pretty scary.

Culiacan itself, however, turned out to be something of a delight.

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Venados de Mazatlan!

Estadio Teodoro Mariscal is pretty fancy for its age (built in 62) and the kind of things that would be a problem under other sets of regulations simply aren't problems in Mexico.

You don’t have to get out of your seat to get beer, food, noise-makers… Toilet break and 7th innings stretch are the only time you need to get up and for those brief moments, the narrow concourses and lack of signage don’t really matter. I was a lot more uncomfortable at Wrigley Field.

This was my…


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