Decided to forgo our San Diego Padres season tickets purchase and plan to use that money (which is a lot), and use that money to travel to multiple Ballparks this coming year.

This is our plan (Ok, Goal) for next year…

CHASE FIELD (Arizona Diamondbacks)

When: April 10th, 2022

Where: Chase Field

Who: Padres vs Diamondbacks

DODGER STADIUM (Los Angeles Dodgers)

When: May 14 or June 4 or June 18, 2022

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Who: Phillies or Mets or Guardians

ORACLE PARK (San Francisco Giants) 

When: April 30, 2022

Where: San Francisco, CA

Who: Washington Nationals vs San Francisco Giants

AVENUE OF THE GIANTS: Wife Runs a Marathon through the Redwood Forrest in California

When: May 1, 2022


When: May 2, 2022

Where: Oakland, CA

Who: Tampa Bay Rays vs Oakland A’s

FENWAY PARK (Boston Red Sox)

When: July 10, 2022

Where: Boston, MA

Who: NY Yankees vs Boston Red Sox

What are your plans for next year?

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Comment by Jim Nelson 55/382 total on December 10, 2021 at 2:26pm

Since I've seen all MLB parks, the goal now is to see the Twins(my hometown team)at every park.  Over halfway there now.  Next year, depending on a CBA, the plan is to see them in Baltimore, LA, Arizona, and San Diego.  If this happens, I'll have 5 left, Frisco and 4 in the NL East.  Hopefully the MLB schedulers will be nice to me in the 2023 season when we play the East.  I also want to hit Kannapolis, Rocket City, and Gastonia.  That will only leave Vegas in the minor leagues.  Everybody stay safe in your travels please, and I hope I can make the next meet-up whenever and wherever it is.

Comment by WILLIAM VARELA (30) on November 29, 2021 at 9:45am

Come on the new ball park has a roof , was in Texas in 2018 . Yes its hot but it was bearable. See Gerry's world as a stop ,stadium is impressive.

Comment by Dan Tinnel on November 18, 2021 at 6:52am

Lee.... August is a miserable time of year to attend a game in Texas (weather wise). If you can avoid it, do so. Two years ago my wife and I do a baseball trip to see the old stadium before it closed. The heat and humidity ruined both evenings at the ballpark. When we will go back to see the new stadium, it will be in April or early May. When we go back, we will have seen a game in all three of the Rangers parks.

Comment by Lee Dyer jr on November 15, 2021 at 5:10pm
I’ve been to 19 parks so far. I live in the Detroit area. Planning on going to see my Tigers play in Arizona next June and the rangers next august.


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