I am psyched since my big 2009 roadtrip got cancelled, I am looking for a late april roadtrip and I think I found it with a quick look at the schedule.

I could potentially knock off 9 stadiums in 14 days. Including new Target Field! And get to see the Mets (the 2010 NL East Champions...LOL) twice!!! woo hoo

Lots of driving but with me and a few folks we could do it!!!

here is what I found....(home team listed first)
Houston vs Pittsburgh 4/24
Texas vs Detroit 4/26
St Louis vs Atlanta 4/27
Kansas City vs Seattle 4/28
Milwaukee vs Mets 4/30
Cubs vs Arizona 5/1
Minnesota vs Kansas City 5/3
White Sox vs Detroit 5/4
Cincinatti vs Mets 5/5

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