The 2011 mlb schedule was released tonight. Being a Cubs fans thats the 1st team schedule I checked.
The Cubs open at home friday April 1st(no joke) vs. Pittsburgh. The Yankees make their 2nd trip (1st trip was June 2003) to Wrigley Field June 17-19. Interleague road trips include Kansas City June 24-26 and Boston May 20-22. Looks like I will visit Fenway Park next year for the 1st time. Check out your team schedule and start planning your road trips for 2011 fellow chasers!!

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Comment by Paul Sanders (15) on September 17, 2010 at 10:43pm
Well we have been researching the schedule, me and my pals and these are what we have come up with as our trip choices...there is 5 of us in a big van - so driving will be all split up.

Sat May 14 - Mets @ Astros
Sun May 15 - Angels @ Rangers
Mon May 16 - Travel Day
Tue May 17 - Indians @ Royals
Wed May 18 - Travel Day
Thu May 19 - Astros @ Cardinals
Fri May 20 - Travel Day
Sat May 21 - Dodgers @ White Sox

Sat June 18 - Padres @ Twins
Sun June 19 - Yankees @ Cubs
Mon June 20 - Cubs @ White Sox
Tue June 21 - Rays @ Brewers
Wed June 22- Travel to St Louis
Thu June 23 - Day Off
Fri June 24 - Blue Jays @ Cardinals
Sat June 25 - Cubs @ Royals

Fri 6/24 - Braves @ Padres
Sat 6/25 - Indians @ Giants
Sun 6/26 - Day in SF
Mon 6/27 - Day in SF
Tue 6/28 - Marlins @ Athletics
Wed 6/29 - Nationals @ Angels
Thu 6/30 - Day in Los Angeles
Fri 7/1 - Angels @ Dodgers

Fri Apr 1 - Mets @ Marlins (opening day)
Sat Apr 2 - Mets @ Marlins (day in Miami)
Sun Apr 3 - Orioles @ Rays
Mon Apr 4 - New Orleans
Tue Apr 5 - New Orleans
Wed Apr 6 - Mariners @ Rangers
Thu Apr 7 - Day in Texas
Fri Apr 8 - Marlins @ Astros (Houston's home opener)

Fri 6/24 - Nationals @ White Sox
Sat 6/25 - Twins @ Brewers
Sun 6/26 - Day Off in Milwaukee or Twin Cities
Mon 6/27 - Day Off in Twin Cities
Tue 6/28 - Dodgers @ Twins
Wed 6/29 - Giants @ Cubs
Thu 6/30 - Travel Day
Fri 7/1 - Phillies @ Blue Jays

Guys and Gals - tell me what you think....on none of these trips would we be seeing a stadium for a second time....all new ones to it all looks good to us.
Comment by Craig (17) on September 15, 2010 at 10:08pm
Thanks for posting this Kyle! I am not too excited about a late week start...but that's just my opinion. Why the hiatus next season, Ken?
Comment by Kyle Andersen (22) on September 15, 2010 at 8:13pm
Visit the team site of the ballpark you wish to visit....Click on the right of October 2010 click on down arrow and select 2011....Then select each month...Also the top 6 news stories scroll for most teams will include schedule...for example the Cubs schedule will be the 5th circle to click on.....Anyways hope this helps and have fun planning your 2011 baseball road trip..
Comment by Sharon (25 Parks) on September 15, 2010 at 7:25pm
Can we get a link to it? I googled it but can only find articles about it not the actual schedules. (I guess that's a good thing though because I brought work home to do tonight. I should not be daydreaming about baseball trips. If I don't do the work, I can't afford the trips!) Nevermind what i just we have the link anyway? hee hee
Comment by Ken Lee (30/43) on September 15, 2010 at 7:34am
I wonder why they released it so early. Have the fun of the off season is getting the schedules released in December to amp you up for the upcoming season. Now there is nothing to look forward to like that. To top that off... no baseball trip for me next year. I am waiting for 2012 and the new Marlins stadium.


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