After a long offseason dealing with Hurricane Sandy at work and a long northeast winter at home we can't wait to enjoy some summer fun at ballparks and national parks! This summer we're going to cross the country and head to Seattle's Safeco Field for the first time. This is our only new park this summer (we might make a weekend trip to Toronto though) but we intend to hit Glacier National Park and Badlands National Park on the way out and Yellowstone on the way back. We're also making what has become our yearly pilgimage to wrigley and going to Target Field, Miller Park and Comerica Park for the second time! As always any suggestions or reccomendations are appreciated!

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Comment by Bobby Kelly Cooper 29 on March 29, 2013 at 8:22am

One of the best trips my wife and I took was the drive to Seattle and down to Oakland and San Francisco and back across to Pennsylvania. We made stops at the Field of Dreams - The Corn Palace - Wall Drug and Mount Rushmore. We then made our way to Yellowstone amazing is all I have to say. We stayed for two days wish we could have stayed longer. A great drive and plenty to see along the way enjoy your trip.


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