hi guys thanks for your comments, I modified my journey for a better calendar, will be 30 stadiums in 29 days, give me your opinion, thanks


16-Aug MIAMI 7:10pm
17-Aug TAMPA 7:10pm
18-Aug DETROIT 1:05pm
18-Aug CUBS 8:00 PM
19-Aug CINCINNATI 7:10pm
20-Aug KANSA CITY 7:10pm
21-Aug MILWAKEE 1:10pm
22-Aug YANKEES 1:10pm
23-Aug METS 7:10pm
24-Aug PHILADELPIA 7:05pm
25-Aug BALTIMORE 1:35pm
26-Aug SAN LUIS 6:05pm
27-Aug WASHINGTON 7:05pm
28-Aug ATLANTA 7:10pm
29-Aug HOUSTON 7:10pm
30-Aug TEXAS 7:10pm
31-Aug COLORADO 6:10pm
01-Sep DODGERS 1:10pm
02-Sep ANAHEIM 6:05pm
03-Sep SAN DIEGO 7:10pm
04-Sep ARIZONA 12:40pm
05-Sep OAKLAND 7:05pm
06-Sep SAN FRANCISCO 7:15pm
07-Sep SEATLLE 6:10pm
08-Sep MINNESOTA 1:10pm
09-Sep CHI WS 7:10pm
10-Sep TORONTO 7:07pm
11-Sep CLEVELAND 7:10pm
12-Sep PITTSBURG 7:05pm
13-Sep BOSTON 7:05pm

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Comment by Gary Herman on April 30, 2013 at 1:14pm
I look forward to meeting you in Nueva York in Agosto. It's alot of traveling. If you need assistance let me know. Safe travels! Gary


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