That is me! I did not grow up rooting for all three teams, but somehow I ended up that way. Before I get into the story, let me say that I am a huge baseball fan and could watch any two teams play. There is nothing better to me than spending a warm sunny day watching baseball.

The first team is easy. I am from Chicago so it is natural that I would be either a Cubs or Sox fan. Not exactly sure why I gravitated to the Cubs and not the Sox. Perhaps it had something to do with my dislike of the DH growing up. After college I moved into an apartment with some friends that was 1 mile for Wrigley and just loved it. Please note: I am a Cubs fan, but I do not root against the White Sox. When they won in 2005, I was just happy a Chicago baseball team won a World Series!

I didn't just jump on the Rays bandwagon last year. The Rays were so bad for so long I was wondering if they were ever going to win. It was the 2004 season when I started to follow Tampa Bay. It was fun seeing Crawford, Baldelli, Upton (who is one of my favorite players), and Kazmir. I enjoyed watching these young stars in the making and to think of what they could do. The Rays have finally developed some pitching to go with their hitting and put together a marvelous season last year.

The Royals are a team that I just started to follow. I have been playing in a deep AL only fantasy baseball league for some time now and last year I found myself with a lot of Royals on my team. I had Davies, Soaria, Butler, Hochevar, and Aviles all on my roster. I caught a lot of slack, but I ended up getting the last laugh, because I won the league!

That pretty much sums up the teams that I root for and why I root for them. I look forward to meeting others on the site that are just as passionate about watching baseball as I am.

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Comment by Craig (17) on June 28, 2009 at 11:19pm
Thanks for the post, Mike! I can relate loving baseball and watching whomever happens to be on TV at the time. Although I only love one MLB team, I have to say I am pretty random with my sports teams. The Reds I started following after living in Tampa and going to their spring training, the Buccaneers after seeing my first NFL game in Tampa, the Nuggets after growing up in Colorado and working in their media relations department and the Lightning because Colorado did not have hockey at the time. Now I live in Seattle and it feels even more random! :)


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