This is a trip that my family has been excited for for a while now. We live in New Hampshire, which is kind of trapped in a corner when it comes to seeing games. Therefore, we have to get somewhat creative in our trips, which we love doing together every summer. I turn 16 in July and my dream is to see all 30 stadiums by the time I turn 20.

Anyways... In the last week of April, while my school is on April Break, we will fly out west to see games in Phoenix and Denver over the course of a week. These will be our 14th and 15th stadiums together. We were surprised that the schedule worked perfectly the way it did! We will fly into Phoenix on the 26th of April and spend that day sightseeing. Sunday afternoon we will see the D-Backs play the Phillies for Stadium #14. On Day 3, we will drive north and spend the day in beautiful Sedona, Arizona before driving to the Grand Canyon. Tuesday will be spent entirely at the Grand Canyon, which I hear is much more incredible in person than in any picture. Wednesday has been dubbed 'The Driving Day.' We will drive 4 hours from the Canyon to Four Corners Monument, and then 3 more hours to Moab, Utah. Thursday will be spent at Arches National Park, and then we will spend the night in Grand Junction, Colorado. Friday we will drive into Denver, but first, we will go zip lining in Vail, Colorado. We will see the Mets @ the Rockies on Saturday May 3rd for Stadium #15. Finally, we will fly back to New England on Sunday.

I think the thing that most excites me about the trip is in addition to seeing two stadiums and two National Parks, we will be visiting two distinctly different parts of the country, from the desert to the mountains. Has anybody else on the site done this trip? It is not even listed as an option on either team's guide, so I was confused. Finally does anybody have any tips about either city and/or stadium?

Thanks all and happy chasing!

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Comment by Jarom Lewis (13) on February 5, 2014 at 1:32pm

Sounds like a great trip! You will not be disappointed. Go early to Chase Field and eat lunch at TGIFridays. You can eat out on the balcony overlooking to the park....Awesome!!

Comment by Lisa (21) on February 2, 2014 at 4:44am
I just checked the Rockies website and they haven't released the dates the "coca cola value packs" will be available. It just says check back for more information on the available dates for 2014. I would wait until they release those dates. The Rockies aren't gonna sell out, so no need to buy tickets right now. We also went to the Denver museum of science and nature while there. They have full skeletal dinosaurs which my kids loved but they are in grade school. Not sure if you'd be interested in or not.
Comment by Jennifer Beale on February 1, 2014 at 8:38pm
My sister lives just outside Denver so I've been to a couple of places - the zoo and the aquarium, but keep in mind the aquarium has white tigers, yes you read that right, craziest aquarium I've ever been to.
Comment by Cam Cain (28) on February 1, 2014 at 5:40pm

Thank you both for your tips! About the $48 4 pack, do you know if that is something that is always available? We looked and could not find it. Was it only a one time special? About the other tips, we do not ski unfortunately, which is weird since we are about 2 hours south of some of the best slopes in the country. I was actually thinking more along the lines of things to do in the cities, because we are pretty much set on what we're doing in between, Thanks!

Comment by Lisa (21) on January 24, 2014 at 12:59pm

Hey Cam it's cool your and parents travel around touring the stadiums. Most the blogs are from the parents looking for things to do, glad to see you're involved too. I've only been to Denver and we were told to buy seats on the 1st base side to have a view of the Rockies in the background while watching the game. We sat 3rd level because they offered a 4 pack of tickets, with dogs and drinks for $48. It wasn't bad at all. That time of year you may be able to still ski too if that interests you? We went the last weekend of April 2012 and almost every slope was still open because they had quite a bit of snow left. Skiing "the mountains" is much more challenging than your everyday ski slopes thrown up on a steep hill. It was quite an experience. And I've actually done it twice! They also offer tubing if skiing isn't quite your thing. Good luck in your travels!

Comment by Jennifer Beale on January 23, 2014 at 11:58pm
Went to a Rockies game last year, we bought out tickets through a reseller, I always start with seat geek & the team's site to get an idea about availability & prices. We went July 2nd last year and the Dodgers were in town - it was the cheapest of the three nights because the 3rd & 4th were fireworks night. But oh did we see fireworks, I was so excited to find out Kershaw was pitching & he didn't disappoint. Think we ended up paying about $30-40 for sec 120 Row 10. Cool stadium fact, there is a row of purple seats around the upper deck (20th row) that is exactly a mile high. First baseline does get a hard to see when the sun goes down, but as it sets it makes for a great picture.

Besides seat geek,,, and offer pictures from each seating section. Rate your seats even includes tips and comments from users.

Have fun!


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