I am planning on the Diamondback game on July 19. Is anyone else available to join me? I am travelling by myself to Phoenix. I also need suggestions for where to park (are there shuttles?) and if it is possible to move from 1 level of the stadium to another. Some stadiums, such as White Sox and Dodgers, you cannot get from 1 level to another. Most stadiums you can move levels, and if by yourself usually can upgrade to a better seat. Also is Stubhub/Ticket Monster, etc., the best place to get a ticket or are scalpers readily available or box office the best bet?

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Comment by Tova (18) on July 25, 2016 at 8:06am
I know this is an older post - sorry about that. However, we have found if you download the Ballpark App and do your stadium/seat check in, as long as it's not a sold out game, the app will actually give you the option to upgrade your seat for around $10-20 (depending on the stadium). Even if you are with a group of people. Hope this helps in future games.


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