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Do people still use this forum, or just post to the chasers FB page?  Anyway, I know many have a "sour taste" from this year's Collective Bargaining lock-out. I had planned to attend the Final Four in New Orleans this year, so was really hoping to attend a few baseball stadiums on the same trip. Now that can happen. My friend and I will be attending, and already have tickets for these games:

3/31-4/4 New Orleans for Final Four

4/5 Drive New Orleans to Atlanta

4/7 Thursday Reds at Braves (Opening Day)

4/8-4/10 Visit another friend in Jacksonville, FL

4/11 Monday A's at Rays

4/14 Thursday Phillies at Marlins

4/15 Return to New Orleans

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Comment by Eric Sather (25/31) on May 11, 2022 at 8:19am

I wanted to get back and comment on my trip. Overall, it was a great experience! My comments below are based on the fact that we were on a road trip, in my friends car. Your experience could be different if you are Uberring, etc.

Truist Park in Atlanta was fantastic. Great parking, and considering it was opening day for the returning champs, this place has things figured out! 

Tropicana in Tampa was a unique experience. I think others have said this, but the stadium feels like an oversized circus tent. Attendance was low, the seats were OK, the PA system is horrible. Parking was easy, due to the low attendance!

Miami was yet a totally different experience. Once you get in there, the stadium is actually very nice. The seats are roomy, and the PA system is excellent! There are a lot of food options, but unfortunately, the lines for concessions were horrible. I mean, worst I’ve ever seen. Yes this was opening day, but it could’ve been similar to Atlanta which was also opening day, but it wasn’t. I am talking about one to two hour waits in every line for any kind of food. Second, we had reserved parking in one of the four garages right next to the stadium. Sound convenient? Well we couldn’t get to it. It took us well over 2 hours waiting in traffic to get to the stupid thing. Very frustrating. There were even police directing traffic, but you couldn’t go anywhere.

Just trying to share some information based on my experience! I hope everyone enjoys their chasing this year! 

Comment by Eric Sather (25/31) on March 14, 2022 at 2:28pm

Thanks Tim,

This will be my first time at all 3 ballparks. I'll try to post any observations that might help for your August trip!  - Eric

Comment by Tim Chretien on March 14, 2022 at 1:17pm

Hey Eric,

I'm going to Miami and Tampa later in August. I'll check back with you later for any tips or suggestions. I hope you get good weather while your in Atlanta.


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