I'm sure many of you know that baseball has many superstitions.  One of those superstitions we are all aware of is that when a no-hitter is in progress players are not to mention it.  But as a fan, do you believe in this theory while viewing in the stands or at home ? 


Last season, I saw Vicente Padilla twice go past the 5th inning before finally allowing that first hit.  Back in July against the Cubs, the fan next to me had the audacity to actually mention it and everyone in our section got on him.  Of course, when the top half of the 6th arrived, sure enough, a base hit, and boy everyone in our section let that fan know it.


One month later in August, Padilla takes it to the 7th inning, everyone in our section has kept quiet, but at last, the no-no is broken, and thus everyone lets out a sigh of relief, and a nice ovation for Padilla as well.


Oh yeah, there was also a time, Game 2 of the NLDS when Adam Wainwright of the Cardinals had a no-hitter going against the Dodgers into the 5th inning when a couple of Dodger fans behind us kept repeating it over and over until Andre Ethier not only broke up the no-hitter, but tied the game with a solo shot, all that in just one swing.  I asked the 2 fans after the inning if they we're doing the reverse psychology and of course their response was a resounding and enthusiastic YES ( BTW, that was the Matt Holliday game, the game we all would GO CRAZY FOLKS !!!! )


So, when viewing a no-hitter being pitched for your team, do you as a fan keep shut as well ?  Or if that no-hitter is being thrown at your team, do you do the reverse ?  One thing I will say, in past games at Dodger Stadium i've been to where a no-hitter was involved, the fans around me , with exception of that one IDIOT, sure knew thier baseball etiquette.

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Comment by Kurt Smith on March 8, 2011 at 5:57pm

And another one...


In Mickey Mantle's autobiography he talked about Don Larsen's perfect game in the Series. He said Larsen was a big drinker, and you could smell alcohol on his breath that day. Mantle said no one would sit near him or talk to him while it was happening, and Larsen kept looking at everyone, smiling and saying "You think I'm gonna do it?"


No sport has better lore than baseball.

Comment by Kurt Smith on March 8, 2011 at 5:54pm

Oh man, reminds me of a great story. In 1997 another Orioles fan friend of mine had the baseball package, and he called me up one day to tell me that Randy Johnson had a no-hitter going against the Orioles. He said "dude, he is just setting them down left and right". Remember this is the 1997 Orioles...Alomar, Ripken, Palmeiro, Bonilla, Anderson, Surhoff, all those guys.


I said, "Well you know, Chuck, we wouldn't want to jinx the NO-HITTER." He immediately picked up on it, "Yes, this would be his first ever NO HITTER". Wouldn't want to jinx a possible NO HITTER." After about two minutes of this we hung up.


Five minutes later he called me back. Jeff Reboulet--JEFF REBOULET--hit a home run off of Johnson, ending the no-hitter. The Orioles even won the game! lol


Haven't had nearly as much fun being an O's fan since then.

Comment by Craig (17) on March 7, 2011 at 9:06pm

I'll admit it...I texted a buddy about a Cubs no hitter going into the 9th and sure enough, he lost the no hitter in the 9th. My buddy was pissed as he said I jinxed it! I should have used the "reverse" method last season when my Reds were battling in the playoffs.


Tom, you should have said it louder! :)

Comment by Tom M. on March 1, 2011 at 2:13pm
I was lucky enough to attend Roy Halladay's no-hitter in the playoffs last year with my nephew.  After the first out I jokingly mentioned that he had a no-hitter going and basically kept repeating it throughout the game.  Trust me, what I had to say in Section 320 had ABSOLUTELY no impact on Roy.  I can understand the idea that teammates shouldn't bring it up while he's sitting in the dugout but to think it extends to fans is just silly in my opinion.


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