On Tuesday March 4, 2014 my wife and I left Cape Coral FL and headed to Clearwater to watch the Jays play and evening game with the Phillies.  While in the area I went to Dunedin to pick up a 2014 Training Camp pin.  I got to the Blue Jays store at 2:36 p.m. at the Florida Auto Exchange stadium.   The store was closed.  I saw staff inside counting their receipts and I pleaded to sell me a pin. I was wearing my blue jays hat, I informed them I had cash and I just drove 3 hours to get there.  They didn't even respond.  I was so upset I went to there off site training facility and offices and made my complaint to the receptionist at about 2:50 p.m.   I was told the store was open to 3:00 p.m.  She called the store and was advised that roads were being closed and the store closed early.  (A couple of roads were closed but I navigated over to their office with no problem and I have only been in Dunedin 4 or 5 times) I was advised that I could come back tomorrow but I said that was unlikely having driven three hours to get there.  I advised I was going to Bright House Field that evening to watch the Jays play the Phillies.  I was also in Ft Myers the day before watching the Jays play the Twins.   But really is this how a team builds a fan base.  I thought it was a two way street but obviously it is the Jays way all the time.   C'mon Jays treat the fan base better an perhaps you should bring the fan club back with some events, information and privileges.   I would also suggest that you train your store staff to be open minded and professional in unique situations.

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