We have plans to hit 3 parks on the east coast (from Arizona) in June....what's everyone thinking? Should I cancel the trip while I can probably get my money back? Do you think MLB will even play this year? I know everything will be speculation up to this point but I'm anxious. I personally think, and I think I've heard this on ESPN, is that they will try to make up as many games as they have missed with double headers. I don't know how that would affects tickets I have in June....

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Comment by Dustin Beers (30/9) on April 1, 2020 at 2:48pm

If I were you I would be trying to get back any money you can for this trip.  I read today that MLB may start the season playing in empty ballparks, that doesn't sound good for any June games you were planning on seeing.  The issue you are going to find is a lot of airlines and hotel websites don't want to hear from you until 72 hours before your trip.  I am not sure how the "travel agent" is going to react to you calling about a June trip in April.  Good luck whichever route you decide on.


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