Chasing A Ballgame In Cartagena Colombia

Just got back from a vacation to Cartagena. What a great trip. I figured some folks here would find this interesting so I thought I'd share. I'll try to keep it short and let the pictures do the talking.

One of the highlights of the trip was chasing down a game somewhere in Cartagena. I knew going down there, their winter leagues at the stadium were not going on. However, I had read about street ball leagues that play on Sundays (for many their only day off) and was hoping to catch a game or two. So, on Sunday after desayuno and cafe colombianos we were off and determined to find a game. After a bit of walking (and a lot of sweating) we found the street that was supposed to be closed off, but apparently those leagues were out of season as well.

After asking a guy across the street that was supposed to be closed off "donde esta beisbol?" we were off to find another game supposedly across the way. Eventually, after a lot more walking and a lot more sweating (Pro tip: it is hot near the equator) we found a rocky dusty field with the Castillo San Felipe in the backdrop.

Well, almost, it was 12" softball not baseball, but they are serious about their ball in Cartagena.

Yes, that is a cliff in left field. fly balls to left were very entertaining.

Grounds Crew pregame.

This is how you keep score in Colombia.

Bleacher bums.

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Comment by Craig (17) on May 3, 2016 at 9:41pm

What a cool experience this must have been. Thank you so much for posting, Rick!


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