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I am almost one-third of the way through my 30 parks quest, and I like to collect pins (and ticket stubs) from each ballpark. I have really nice pins from 7 of the 9 parks I have been to, and they have the stadium's name on it and most include some graphic or nod to the park's layout. The only place I have been that hasn't had a good selection was Washington D.C., and they have a wonderful logo that could be used. I would like to try and find out where to buy them online, or if you have the website of a souvenir shop in that town. I have looked into pricing for making my own pins but it is alot to do on my own and the logos are copyrighted. Would anyone be interested in making any pins or know someone who sells them at a lower price? Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated. I know I can buy them on eBay or other online shops, but half the fun is going and getting it in person or doing it yourself.

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