Dad and Young Son Chasing Ballparks

Hey Everyone.
I'm just getting started here, and have plans to start a blog of my own about all things as a stay at home dad. One part of this blog is the quest my son and I am on to visit all the ball parks.
We don't plan on doing them all this year, or the year after. We hopefully have a very long time to complete our quest.
I used to travel on business before my wife and I decided to have kids and I started to stay home to raise my family. Usually when I would visit a new city that had a ballpark I would always make it a point to take in a game. Those days are long gone, but my love for baseball is still strong.
I am a very lucky dad. I have a son that has always enjoyed all types of sports, and I have passed the love of baseball on to him. My youngest boy loves baseball games, but is more about eh peanuts and cotton candy than the game. We are working on getting him as interested as we are.
I started taking my oldest to games before he could even walk. Being the dad that would get comments from the older ladies around me like, "I hope you put sun screen on that child." and "Mommy must have let Dad have a day out with the little one. You better hope he doesn't get hit by a foul ball." - the life of a stay at home dad.
We have always just taken in games here in Cincinnati and Louisville, until last year when my wife suggested that we start chasing ballparks. What a great idea, and the quest began.
Last year was our first part of our quest. We looked over the schedule and argued about where to go for about a week. Eventually we decided to go to St. Louis to take in a Cardinals game. I made plans, buying tickets and making hotel reservations. We both agreed we needed something to collect, and we settled on pins from each ball park. The best part is that we purchased the MLB ballpark map, had it framed and display them on there.
I plan on sharing the details of this trip on another blog, so maybe our trip can help others plan one.
My blog will always include suggestions and information about traveling with a pre teen boy. Traveling with a little guy takes special considerations, and hopefully I can help another mom or dad with plans to take their young ones on a trip.


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