Well my friends and I just made the down and back trip to see the Reds vs Pirates play. It's our goal to try to see one park per season with the Pirates being the away team. So far, so good. We were pleased to see numerous Pirates fans in attendance at GABP. The Reds fans were friendly to us, including several that welcomed us to their city. Being that I have been to PNC Park countless times, since I'm from Pittsburgh, GABP seemed to have a lot of similarity to PNC with the views of the river and the ball park layout. I really enjoyed the trip, enjoyed the Skyline Chili coney (which was rather small and overly-cheesed, but worth it), the and enjoyed the pre-game dining at Jefferson Social. I was able to have a few tacos and try their "Street Corn" which I highly recommend. It's corn on the cob with chili powder and other stuff. The recommended dining accomodations here on BP Chasers were so packed I don't know if we would've gotten to eat in time for the game.

Seems like now our next stop will be Yankee Stadium since the new MLB Schedules are out. We are initially thinking of taking a bus to there. That should be interesting.

Until then,

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