Giants, A's, and Mariners September 2023

Hello all,

I have a simi plan in place but would love more information/advice from anyone that has done this trip before.

We are flying into San Francisco Saturday Sept 23rd.  Going to A's game Sunday 24th, Giants game Monday 25th, then flying to Seattle Tuesday and going to Mariners game Wednesday 27th.

So far, a place I found to stay in San Francisco was Hotel Griffon with Bay View King room.  and in Seattle I found Silver Cloud hotel with water view King room.  

I am thinking BART is best way to get from SF airport to the hotel. 

Then using the Link Light Rail from Seattle airport to the hotel.

Both hotels are within walking distance of the ball parks.  (I think)

Do any of you have any advice of anything better that you have experienced or do these options sound ok?

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Comment by Jonathan Barnes on July 30, 2023 at 6:03pm
Hey! I just joined this group and have just started my 30 ballpark quest this year. I have only been to 2 so far. My home park- TRUIST Park/Braves and T-Mobile/Mariners this year for the all star game. We stayed about 20 minutes from the park -but yes the link light from the airport took us almost to the hotel- we walked about 10 minutes when we got off final stop. And then another day we just used the electric busses around town- It was pretty simple to get around- and the people there were always helpful if needed. Just always be aware of your surroundings— but we were fine and had fun— we are from a small town in Georgia. I hope you enjoy your trip! Jon


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