My group and I will be heading to Cincinnati this summer and we will be staying near the ballpark. I'm wondering if the easiest/cheapest way from the airport  to downtown would be an Uber or taxi seeing as how there will be seven of us. Also we usually walk to most places around the area so I'm looking for some good sport bars or restaurants close by, and does anyone know  if the places I've seen on the Kentucky side are accessible by walking? Thanks in advance.

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Comment by Stuart Crane on January 22, 2018 at 4:55pm

Cincinnati's Northern KY airport doesn't have a decent mass transit system to Cincinnati so using an Uber type service might be your best bet for heading to Cinci downtown (typical 25 minute drive). Two cities in KY across the river from GABP are Covington and Newport. Covington has several restaurants and bars are an easy 6-8 block walk to the game across the Roebling Bridge. Also, local bus service, TANK (Transportation Authority of Northern Kentucky), has provided $1 each way service to GABP for many seasons. They have many convenient bus stops in Covington and Newport. The "Purple People Bridge" spans the Ohio River from Newport and provides access to GABP. 

I hope your trip to Redland goes well.

Comment by dctwoody(15) on January 21, 2018 at 3:22pm

My family always comes in from the Ohio side, but yes, walking across the bridge from the restaurants on the KY side is very doable.  


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