My dad and I are taking a baseball road trip Wed-Sat of this week, I can't wait.  It was actually about 5 years ago that my dad asked me if I was going to try to go to all of the MLB stadiums at some point.  I had always liked going to different stadiums when I could but I had never made a point of traveling just to see stadiums or thought of seeing all 30 as a goal.  At the time, I had seen I believe 5 of the current stadiums.

So, we'll be starting in Chicago to see the Dodgers play the White Sox.  This will be the 3rd time I've been to Guaranteed Rate Field.  Next, I'll be seeing stadiums #23 and #24 for me, in Kansas City and Minnesota, both against our hometown Tigers.  Never in my wildest imagination did I think I'd be up to 24 stadiums by this point!  The other cool thing about it is that when my dad asked me if I was going to try to see all 30, he mentioned how it would be especially difficult to get to the ones in the middle of the country because they're not big travel destinations, and I think KC was one of the ones he mentioned specifically.  

I'm taking another road trip later in the summer and after that, I plan to post my rankings of all the stadiums I've seen to that point.  Until then, happy traveling to anyone else who has any trips coming up, and I'll keep you all posted about this week. 

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