Hello Chasers! Its been a long time since I have posted. How is everyone? Ive been okay, its been an interesting summer for me. Had 3 graduations in the family, mother in law was visiting from Puerto Rico, got into an auto accident, got a new niece, just finished an AC trip for a bachelor party a wedding in about a month. Yea, lots going on.

This weekend just dropped off my oldest to college at Manhattanville College, a nice college about 30 minutes from NYC. He got a partial scholarship and a single room. He is also working there and is very happy with everything. His other is a little upset he wasn't around but, its normal. Besides with all the social media, she can communicate with him on a regular basis.

Next weekend I will be going camping in Branchville to pretty much end my summer. I haven't attended any games this year, not one. I feel bad because its Derek Jeter's final season and i really should catch a game. In fact, I haven't really been following it because I've been so swamped with everything. Besides, the Yankees aren't doing great, so its not really appealing to me. Don't get me wrong I enjoy watching games and still root for them, but, I'm not into it as much as I usually am.

However, my wife and I have been talking about a DC trip next year. I looked up and found a theme park right outside the city. Of course its the nations capital, many things to do there. we focused on DC because, we've been wanting to do it for a while and its the last one we can drive to. After this one we're flying the rest.

Im going to try to catch a game later this year, probably in September.

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