Inside Angel Stadium – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews #25

Inside Angel StadiumArty 84 Baseball Park Reviews

By Arty 84

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Stadium Name: Angel Stadium

Team: LA Angels

League: MLBAmerican League West
First Date Visited: 2011
Opposing Team: Washington Nationals
Date Opened: 1966
Date Closed: NA
Overall Rating: (1-10) 5
Notable Award: cool little rock water fountain in center field and a large old school A in the parking lot

4th oldest active ball park in the majors. Built in 1964 but fully renovated in 1998. For an old stadium has a late 90s early 2000 feel in it’s architecture. Very clean and very kept up.

Very Disney like. You can tell they once owned them with the giant angel a in the parking lot and the 2 large angel hats when you walk in.

Center field has a cool rocky waterfall. The stadium although is a standard shape and layout the architectural aspects give it an uniqueness. It’s all small park made nicely for batters. Deepest fence is a little more than 400 feet. The fence height ranges from 10 to about 20 feet.

The stadiums main color is a dark green. Over right field stands there is a large modern big screen. There is also a smaller one over left field. The stadium is very easy to get around. The 2 large ramps to the upper deck work very well. Parking is very east also very little grid lock getting into the game. Although the city of anahiem doesn’t do a very good job with marking the stadiums exit with a sign in the highway.

Parking is 10 dollars and merch beer and food prices are about average in the majors.

Stadium views arnt bad. Mountains in centerfield but it’s kind of blocked by buildings and the highway

There really isn’t anywhere to go after the game. It’s a tailgate park. And public transportation doesn’t look like it exist to here.

The backstop like dodgers stadium is see through and has seats located there. Fan base is pretty good. For a Monday it’s about 75% filled.

Arty 84

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