Inside Dolphins Stadium (MLB) – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews #4

Inside Dolphins Stadium (MLB) – Arty 84 Baseball Park Reviews

By Arty 84

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Stadium Name: Dolphins Stadium

Team: Florida Marlins

League: MLB – National League East
First Date Visited: 2005
Opposing Team: Arizona Diamond Backs
Date Opened: 1987
Date Closed: 2011 (still open for football)
Overall Rating: (1-10) 2
Notable Award: Worse place I have ever watched a baseball game. The reason why football & baseball should never share stadiums

Walking down the streets of South Beach, a very nice lady gave me 4 free tickets to a marlins game on a wednesday night. My cousin, 2 friends and myself were planning on going to the game anyways, but wow now for free. As we drove to the stadium we were a little skeptical that free tickets would just be given way but never the less it was worth the try. Dolphin stadium or what ever the hell its call now was about 30 mins north of South Beach. We finally get there and BOOM the tickets work.

We were their fairly early so we did a lot of walking around. This stadium has NOTHING to offer. Its a football stadium that in 92 when Miami was given an expansion team, the fine folk of MIami were like hey just put them with the dolphins. There was so much foul ground in this place that pitchers ERA had to be one of the best in the majors when they pitched here.

They had hot tubs in right field and i think there was only 10k people there, if that. Our tickets were deep right field with a value of 1 dollar on them, we moved to 10 rows behind the plate. There was this unique beer vendor who would yell get your beeeeeeerrrrrrr heeeeeeeerrrrre; it was great. We stayed till about the 7th inning. We did get to see an unassisted triple play that game from Mike Lowell. Its a rarity in baseball incase you didnt know.

The food stunk, soggy hot dogs and pretzels. must of been all the humidity down there. The bread was like i sat on it with wet pants on. Other then the beer guy, one of my most memorable events there was hitting on the hot chick who was from Ft. Lauderdale and worked at the visa table. I signed up for a credit card for her and she gave me a towel, very nice. After flirting for an inning and a half she ended up giving me more towels, t shirts and marlins crap I will ever need for a lifetime. I got much use out of those towels!

This is another stadium with nothing around it. A concrete block in the middle of a parking lot. I have been here 2 times, once for baseball and once for football. As a football stadium, its average, for a baseball park, it stinks. Out of 30 i have been to this is easily #30, Im glad this didnt cost me a dime. The marlins are lucky now, they play in a much nice, more baseball feel stadium. They are very lucky they got the hell out of Miami Gardens Florida.

Arty 84

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