Hello Ballpark Chasers......
I've ventured on many quests to see games all over the country over the past few years.
Thinking about seeing games, different sports, different stadiums and tailgating with true fans is unmatched over watching a game from the recliner.

I commend the new 30/30 club members who have successfully done what few have set to finish. The 30/30 club has many logistical nightmares outside of distance, games, tickets, scheduling. If one is married has children or has a significant other this is the biggest issue many of us don't go after it outside of time and money.

My question for the masses when it comes to records.
The fastest to watch a game from each venue?
One can fly which is a big nightmare and knock the record out in 20-23 days.
A hectic pace and games ending when they're supposed to.
Not to mention every flight is direct and arrives on time.
Does the record only count if 1 person is driving the entire trip?
Many questions on the relevancy of what constitutes the record can be made.

With the advancements in technology hopefully we will have a more up to date capturing of the event first hand as it unfolds. Twitter, cellphone technology and Internet start ups have made it easier to get all our up to th eminute updates online rather quickly.

Here's to the dream and all of it's craziness.

The biggest mission out there for me would have to be the following.
Project 120 a Game in Every Division 1 College Football Stadium.
Project 122 a game in the same season MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL
THe Ultimate Hoops Challenge NCAA Division 1 Mens Basketball 343 arenas......

MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA for the Professional 122 feat....

Safe Journey In all your Travels everyone...


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Comment by Ken Lee (30/43) on May 27, 2009 at 4:45pm
I agree with Craig, I think they both count, but should be separate as well. I would go one step further and say that if you go by car and you don't drive a majority of the miles yourself (or evenly split between however many people are in your group that do the full 30 at that time ie.. if there are 3 of you doing the full 30, it should be split by thirds or as close to it as possible), that should be another category as well because driving can be exhausting while sitting in the passenger seat, or laying on the back seat, sleeping... not so much! I might be biased on that cause I know that when I am on the road doing my trips, I have driven about 98% of the miles or more. Can really only think of 2x where I didn't do the driving. I know how tough it is to do a trip like I did in 2006 (did 11 straight games/parks, 12 in 15 days, 13 in 17 days, spent time with family in Oklahoma after the bulk of it, then picked up a couple more I had already been to). When you're pulling those kinda miles, by yourself, it's a different beast... so to those that do it that way, I give much more credit and props to!
Comment by Craig (17) on May 26, 2009 at 11:56pm
I think all records count! Both those that fly and those that only drive are equally special and deserve recognition. However, they need their own category as they are separate feats. We are all excited about Chuck's attempt at 30-23. Are you planning on any trips this season, offthemeter?


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