Good Friday baseball fans. I just put up some more pics from Dodger Stadium, from Game 5 of last years NLCS, which the Phillies would win, sending them to an eventual World Championship. Speaking of the Phillies, it was good to see the Blue Crew take 2 of 3 at Citizens Bank Park, especially with all the Manny talk and the fact we struggled there last year. The Blue Crew will be alright. Hope you all have a great weekend. And for you L.A. fans out there, let's hope the Lakers get it together this Sunday !!!! And last but not least, enjoy the Linkin Park playlist. If there's any song you would like for me to leave here in future blogs, hit me up and i'll do my best to post it. Enjoy your games everyone !!!!!

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Comment by Mark Hawkins on May 19, 2009 at 7:53pm
I was born in LA and have been a dodger fan since 1958 drysdale and koufax were my guys when I was 10 drysdale had a restaurant and the days afer he pitched he worked the place and came too my table that was the coolest, I'm 57 now and it still one of the coolest thing ever take care go blue I'm going to a dodger game again june 7 and can hardly wait. H


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