My First MLB Game - AstroDome - August 29, 1998

Many people remember their first Major League games or at least have some fond memory from their first game. I remember walking into the AstroDome for the first time on August 29, 1998 and sitting on the first base side as the Pittsburgh Pirates were playing the Houston Astros. I still have the promotional giveaway from my first game (and only game at the AstroDome) which was a blue "autographed" baseball that was very popular in the late '90's with the stamped autographs on them. I thought they were so neat and at the young age of six I had no clue that they weren't actually autographed so it didn't bother me to say the least haha!


As I've sat back trying to recall memories from the game I've realized that there are very few memories that I honestly remember from the game. I remember the pitching matchup (Jason Schmidt of Pittsburgh against Jose Lima of Houston). I had missed "The Big Unit" Randy Johnson pitching for the Astros by one night as he had pitched the night before. Still Jose Lima was a great "substitution" as prior to entering the game he had a record of 13-6. The man clearly was no slouch at all and after looking at RetroSheet's box score he ended up pitching a decent game allowing nine hits and only three runs while fanning seven hitters.


This blog will be different from all my other ballpark reviews in that since I honestly cannot recall much I won't have much to say but as we progress along and get further up in the ballparks that I have recently added they will be more in depth. I've been trying my hardest to find photos of the first game as my Mom ensures me that there are pictures somewhere but it's the only game that I'm having a hard time finding photos from. So wish me luck but anyways here is the box score thanks to RetroSheet.

Pittsburgh Pirates @ Houston Astros - 8/29/98 - Houston AstroDome


Does anyone else have any vivid memories of the AstroDome? I have a few collectibles from that 1998 season for the Astros in which many favored Houston and said they were going to compete with Atlanta for the pennant but ultimately ended up losing in the NLDS to San Diego.

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