I started this journey in 2006 without really knowing at the time that I would aspire to see every stadium in the MLB. I've always been a huge fan of baseball and played little league on up to sophomore year of high school, but I never thought of going to see all 30 as that's quite a huge undertaking especially for a kid brought up in a rural area with no access to pro parks whatsoever. However my first baseball game would change all that. I remember watching the local news on my cousin's couch while visiting her in Tampa, FL and the sports report came on. They reported that tonight was the home opener for the (at the time still) Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I immediately was excited and told me cousin we simply MUST go. She agreed and we dutifully went to The Trop for the game. It's not really a great stadium in my opinion because it is fully enclosed and just doesn't have the feel of a ballpark. Even still after watching the game I was hooked. I now wanted to see all 30. The following year I joined Red Sox Nation because as part of your membership you get two tickets to a pre-selected list of games. Now as a born and bred die-hard Yankee this should give you an indication as to my dedication to the game. To me it's not about what team I go for because in the end we're all just baseball fans. That's what matters to me. My journey in 2007 did not start at Fenway though. After selecting my tickets I was honorably discharged from the Navy after reaching the end of my enlistment. The next day I left for home to visit family but first my friend and I drove to Camden Yards for an Orioles game. After the game he drove back to Norfolk, VA and I drove home to northern NY state. While getting ready to go back to Virginia to begin the arduous process of looking for a job some more I got a crazy idea. I had saved a lot of money in the Navy and decided this was my summer to do what I wanted. So I booked tickets to 5 games in 5 days. My infamous 5 cities in 5 days tour as I call it began in New York City with my beloved Yankees at old Yankee Stadium. Now my plan was to drive to Philly after the game but the game was completely sold even standing room so I instead drove to Pittsburgh to see the Pirates at beautiful PNC Park. I then drove back across PA to Philadelphia for a Phillies game at Citizen's Bank Park another great stadium. During the night I began makng my way to Cleveland (now you see why I wanted to go NY, Phi, Pitt, then Clev no?) for an Indians game at The Jake (now Progressive Field). After that I drove to Washington DC for a Nationals game at RFK Stadium a dilapidated old park. After that I spent a few more weeks at home and decided to do an upper midwest ballpark tour and drove all the way Miller Park to start it off and was on my way to Detroit when I got the call about a job interview so I cut my tour way short. A few weeks later was my pre-booked trip to Boston and I had invited my friend Bruce to accompany me. We drove to Fenway and while driving there go into an accident spinning out on the highway in the rain but without hitting anyone else and little damage to car we continued on and saw historic Fenway Park. Later that summer my same Navy friend got out of the Navy after which we drove across the country in 3 days marking the first time I'd been west of Chicago. We stopped in LA and saw the Angels at Angels Stadium. All in all I logged a lot of mileage in the summer of 2007 and saw 9 MLB parks. I didn't get a decent job where I could afford or get the days of to travel more until 2010. After finally saving some money by 2011 I went to Chicago to visit friends and saw the White Sox at US Cellular and the Cubs at Wrigley on consecutive days. Two weeks later I took a train to NYC to finally see the Mets play my Yankees at Citi Field. This year I took a trip to Atlanta to visit my same Navy friend and saw the Braves at Turner Field the third game we've been to together. Just two weeks ago I was in Austin, TX for my brother's wedding and I had informed him previously that we should go to Arlington and being a baseball fan too he agreed and sprung for the tickets and we saw the Rangers at the Ballpark at Arlington. In just three weeks from today I will be sitting at Target Field with a different Navy friend watching the Twins play. I can't wait for 2013 I want to see 7 stadiums next year and hope I can meet my goal. So glad I found this website I've been looking for a place to share my story, my passion, and my love for the game!

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Comment by Nathan Bisonette 33 MLB 49 MiLB on August 18, 2012 at 5:02pm
Yeah I've heard it's really nice despite the poor team that plays in it.
Comment by Mark (53) on August 18, 2012 at 4:32pm

I think you will like Target Field, it is a nice ballpark. Good luck in achieving your goal of seeing all 30 of the current stadiums.


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