This summer, my best friend is finally coming out to Topeka, KS to visit. I moved out here about a year ago for a girl. 9 months later, guess who is single? Living close to a Baseball stadium has always been a must for me. It used to be Safeco Field (Now T-Mobile Park), and now I have Kauffman Stadium as my go-to ballpark. Well, my first trip there wasn't great, and I actually didn't ever plan on going back, that's how bad it was. But my friend convinced me to try it again, and the second time around, it wasn't too bad.

So alas, we reach the meat and potatoes. I started college after moving here, as a 30 year old freshman. 30 ballparks in 30 days is the end goal, but I don't mind crossing off a few along the way, so here we go. 

Starting with the Dodgers @ Royals on 8/12, my best friend and I will be going to 3 games in 3 cities, in 3 days. Saturday will be the Brewers @ Cardinals, and Sunday will be the longest day, as we leave STL Sunday morning, and have to drive 7 hours, and a time zone away to make it to Cincinnati by 1:40 for a game against the cubs. After dropping him off at the airport on Monday morning, I'll attempt to hightail it up to Milwaukee for a 7pm game against the Dodgers. From there, I'll either spend a couple days in WI and watch the Dodgers, or head a couple south to the windy city and split the days between the Sox and Cubs. After that, I'll head North and watch the Twins take on the Rangers (as well as pay my respects to a fallen brother who lives a couple hours from there), before heading back home to Topeka on Sunday to start my Fall Semester at school on Tuesday. 

All said and done, I'll travel >2200 miles in 9 days, see 8 (hopefully 9) games in 7 stadiums in 6 cities. A great practice run for 30 in 30, I think. 

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