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Ballpark E-Guides makes every effort to give you any information you could use for going to a ballgame. Some ballparks present different challenges than others. At Yankee Stadium the challenge is to leave the game with a few bucks left in your wallet. At Citizens Bank Park you should know the differences between all of the cheesesteak options. And at Fenway the biggest problem to be solved is simply how to get into the place.

The Fenway Park E-Guide gives a long list of options on how to get Red Sox tickets, from the “virtual waiting room” to the box office to eBay to scalpers. I’ve recently discovered one that I didn’t know about, and it’s a dandy.

Tickets-for-Charity’s focus is on concert events, but they also work with the Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins (and are planning sports expansion nationwide). They make tickets available at about the same or less than the price that StubHub and other brokers may be charging, and the premium above the face value goes to the charity of the performer’s or team’s choice. The list of charities is long and includes CARE, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Habitat For Humanity, Wounded Warrior Project and many others. Proceeds from Red Sox ticket sales go to the Red Sox Foundation.

At the moment you can’t view the available seats or the prices on a seating chart. You can only call them at 1-866-567-4576 and order tickets over the phone. Primitive, maybe, but it’s about time you kids learned how tough your parents had it. They are working on Internet capability as I write this.

But they certainly do have Red Sox tickets; including for Opening Day, against the Yankees! They even offer those tough-to-get premium seats, Green Monster seats and Bud Right Field Roof Deck seats for games. That’s not to say you won’t pay a price for it, but at least you know the extra money you’re forking over is going to a good cause and not lining some ticket broker’s pocket. (Whether this counts as tithing is a matter for your church!)

So before going through StubHub or scalpers, give Tickets-for-Charity a call. At worst they won’t have anything you’re willing to pay the price for (which would likely be the case on StubHub anyway); at best you get great seats and get to make a donation to a worthwhile cause, something we should do more of in times like these.

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