Stadium #1: The K in Kansas City, July 16th

I posted last week in the message boards about our 3 week, 8 stadium tour. The first game was July 16th in Kansas City. The Royals faced the A's. This was my fifth trip to Kaufman Stadium. Growing up a Royals fan, and being the first Major League park I have ever visited, it for sure has a special place in my heart.

With Grienke on the bump, I was excited to see a good game, but the A's smashed the Royals. This allowed me and my g/f and her family a chance to see the stadium a lot closer. Even though I had visited the stadium the year before, the Royals Hall Of Fame had not been opened yet. Getting a chance to see it was amazing. It was a walk back into my childhood, seeing the pin tar bat, the 85 World Series trophy and memorabilia, Frank White, George Brett, Willie Wilson, Hal McCrae, and on and on. The Cy Young awards, the Gold Gloves, it was just awesome. Pics will follow soon.

The night we went to the game was $1 and Fireworks night. Dogs, sodas (cans or a small cup), peanuts, and Twinkies were all a buck. The dogs I had were gross, but I got them late in the game, so they had been sitting in a heater for hours, but for a family or just guys having beers, it is a great deal. Beers were the same as any other park, $6.50 for a small and $8 for a large I think. The thing I love is that everything has the Royals "KC" on it, from cups to food wrappers. The fireworks that night were awesome. It wasn't as good as the Rockies and Coors Field display on July 3rd, but that was one of just 3 firework nights in Denver. The Royals do this every Friday and for a normal event, the fireworks were great.

The crowd was good, considering the Royals are in 4th place. It could have been because of the fireworks or $1 night, but they were into the game. From start to finish they were cheering on their team.

The only negative from the night (other than the loss) was the construction around the stadium on the Interstates. It took forever to finally get back to our hotel after the game. It seems like every road, street, Interstate in Kansas City was under construction.

Things to do in KC besides the Royals. We were there for 3 days, so we visited Worlds and Oceans of Fun, and the College Basketball Experience. Being in Denver and having Elitch's and Water World, going to Worlds and Oceans of Fun sucked. The rides were pretty lame, and the heat and humidity made it worse. The College Basketball Experience was much, much better. With a ton of interactive exhibits, and the history of the college game, it was great. A must see in my opinion.

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