The New York Yankees! The Bronx Bombers! 27 time champions! Playing in the New Yankee Stadium. My experience began as I boarded the D train from West 116th St in Harlem to East 161st Street in the Bronx. The moment I exited the station and could see the stadium was amazing!



The first thing I did was marvel at this site, as I started taking pictures!

And had a chance to show my Yankee pride!

Inside the stadium, the first place I wanted to see was Monument Park, which contains a collection of monuments, plaques, and retired numbers honoring distinguished members of the New York Yankees. 

What an amazing experience! I was pinching myself! I just could not believe I was here!

Then I found my way to my seat in the right field bleachers, section 203.  I soon discovered this was the perfect place to be part of the Yankee fan experience. Because this is where The Bleacher Creatures sit, who are a group of fans of the New York Yankees who are known for their strict allegiance to the team and their merciless attitude to opposing fans. For example, a really cool thing they do is called Role Call which is done at the beginning of every home game. The fans start chanting each player’s name until the player acknowledges them. For example, hearing “Derek Jeter, Derek Jeter”, until Jeter raised his glove. Others players gave us a salute and even a King Kong pose. But one guy who wore a Cleveland Indian hat got severely punished with smart remarks and obscenities.

I also had a moment to share my gratitude journey with the fans. As for the game, Carlos Carrasco remained unbeaten on the road this season, holding the Bombers scoreless for seven innings in his Yankee Stadium debut. Derek Jeter collected his 2,994th career hit before exiting early with a sore right calf as the Indians beat the Yankees, 1-0.

I stayed for the whole game, and it was such a unique experience to hear Frank Sinatra sing New York, New York along with the fans, as your exiting the stadium.

It was a great experience! I made my way back to the subway and said my good-bye to Yankee Stadium!

Next stop, Chase Field in Phoenix!

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Comment by Dave Block on June 26, 2011 at 2:38pm
Thank you Richard. Look for my next blog describing the experience I had as I visit Chase Field on Wednesday!
Comment by Richard (15) on June 26, 2011 at 11:26am
I'm glad ur experience in nyc was a good one. Thanks for he request, enjoy ur visits


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