Hello fellow chasers!

Hard to believe, but after 614 days, 30,700 miles on 9 trips, we visit Houston today and can say we have hit all the current MLB parks. What an adventure it has been for my Son and I. We have learned so much about how to "get Eric done"!

Our adventure started on July 10, 2010 with a simple text picture. I happened to be in Chicago and instead of sitting in the hotel room, I bought a cheap seat to a White Sox game. I sent Christopher an mms pic. He asked which ballpark. Later he sent a text that said, "wouldn't be Kewl if you could visit all 30 ballparks"

Two innings later I replied, "wouldn't it be Kewl if I could visit all 30 with you before you graduate from college.". Two weeks or so later, he walks in the door and 1st thing he ask was I serious?

What would you do? Simple! I didn't know how to tackle it, just to try. And so it began. Initially anytime I had a business trip and he had a free day, we used frequent flyer miles and met up. But as we crossed the halfway mark, I had figured out and saved for how to be efficient and so plugging away, we are finally about to finish.

I have one thought that I hope all who are on the journey will hear. The fun comes in the doing and not the having done! Best of luck to you all!

Our picture album is on my Facebook page and I hope to post it here. Feel free to friend me if I can help! Anyone who needs a cheap place to stay in Dallas is welcome to hang at our house.

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Comment by Harold on May 6, 2012 at 10:27am
It does! Did it last Sunday! We had eight to go and are finishing a nine day trip that went Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburg and now sitting in Houston awaiting pitch 1 of our number 30!
Comment by Tim Choiniere on May 6, 2012 at 9:34am

Congratulations.  That includes the new Marlins Ballpark?


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