Unfair Equity: Rockies Fans Deserve More From Ownership

Rockies fans deserve more than what they've received from ownership for 22 seasons of loyal attendance in Denver. Colorado has had some magic baseball moments[1995 and 2007] in the last two decades, but, over the long haul, Rockies pitching has been substandard for MLB competition.

By now, it is well known that the Brothers Monfort and Jerry McMorris, were not the original ownership group that was going to lead the Rockies. The Rockies were going to be owned by a group led by disgraced pharmacy mobile Mickey Mones, et al. When it all went downhill for the original owners, the Monforts came in to save the day – to their credit. Coors Field has been full for most of that 22 year period, yet the Monfort's border on claiming bankruptcy when anybody speaks of upgrading the pitching staff. Yes, there have been failed attempts in the past: Brett Saberhagen, Billy Swift; Mike Hampton, Denny Nagel. Dick and Charlie will tell you that, based on the above failures, they just can't afford to make those mistakes again. However, to be competitive in major league baseball, a team must have competent pitching.

For all the equity Rockies fans have put in the Monforts' pockets over the years, they deserve some in return in the form of a more expensive, and, hopefully more productive, pitching staff.

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