i am friends and know 2 of the people featured on the front page kyle andersen and ade who speaking of has 3? count them 3 parks but yet featured on the cover and knowing 2 of 3 are his hometown parks chicago, including me going with ade on the 3rd and only road stadium he has whats up with that? whoever picks these pics has to put at least someone with more then 3 sorry if anyone out there has 3 or less but speaking from knowing ade and i have 7 seriously lol

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Comment by Craig (17) on February 6, 2010 at 12:22am
Hey Nicholas, thanks for your post and question. There is no selection or art to picking which photos are featured on the main page. We simply like to feature a few photos from each album that is created on Ballpark Chasers. It just so happens that your friends have recently joined and uploaded their pictures and we wanted to share them with other members. Feel free to create your own photo albums and we would love to get them on the home page as well.


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