101 Baseball Places to See Before You Strike Out

I just stumbled upon this book on Amazon. Has anyone ever read it or know more about it?

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I have this book as well as two others by the same author. His Ultimate Baseball Roadtrip, while about 7 yrs old and in need of an update, was well worth the price,I referred to it so often over the yrs it looks like a college text just before finals. He also has one for Minor Leauage Roadtrips

The book you mentioned is fun and I wish I had it when I started roadtriping 6 yrs ago, as I found there where places I would have made an effort to see both on baseball roadtrips and family vacations
Looks like a great read...I will have to add this to my Amazon wish list! :)
I just placed the order or this book tonight. I hope it will get me through the cold, rainy winter months in Seattle.
Hey Mike...did you get it off Amazon? I noticed its up for there for really cheap.

My son got this as a gift and I love it, too!  Lots of nice little tidbits.  I pull it out when we plan our annual baseball trips (Chicago, west coast, etc.).  A great travel tool. 

It was cool to see the St. Paul Saints stadium in there since one of my best friends played for them back in 2004.



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