Would be interesting to hear about some minor league teams and stadiums. Coming from an area where we didnt have access to major league ball, I got hooked on watching minor league teams, where the guys played for something more than money.

I grew up in watching the Peninsula Pilots (Class A-),....who brought in such greats as Johnny Bench, and when they were farming for the Astros, I can recall many a night where Cesar Cedano was often an example of how little leaguers should not play ball!

Along the way, I caught the Asheville Tourists (before the Rockies), the Arkansas Travelers (is there a theme going here?). AM thinking I may have to make a trip to see the Durham Bull and maybe even visit the Toledo Mudhens.

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Great post, Greg! There is something special about Minor League Baseball. I always try and catch a minor league game when in a new city. I have seen 5 minor league parks and it is always such a fun experience. Coming from someone that spent a summer working in minor league baseball (Fort Wayne Wizards- Padres), I know how much effort goes into putting on the game day entertainment! It is fun to see what kind of show is put on between innings. The best part of going has to be the fact you can park, get tickets, beer and a dog for under $25!

My favorite minor league park has to be Fifth Third Field in Dayton, Ohio. I was there for the 2001 Class-A All Star Game. What an amazing stadium...just imagine a Major League park scaled down.

My other parks include: Everett Memorial Stadium (Everett Aquasox), Cheney Stadium (Tacoma Rainers), Coveleski Stadium (South Bend Silver Hawks) and Memorial Stadium (Fort Wayne Wizards). Oh, I guess I can claim 6...I went to several Denver Zephyrs games at old Mile High Stadium!

Maybe Phase III of ballparkchasers.com will have to include a section on Minor League Parks!
Phase III could be fun!

Oh yeah,....I did the Zephyrs, and in fact, was almost sorry to see MLB come to town. But, they are here now, and I do my part on the front row in left field.
As far as all-time minor league team names go, how about the Macon Music?
Tell me you found Macon Music on Google? Or is this another one of Louie's famous lines he can pull out of nowhere!
No, Craig, Greg can verify the existence of the Macon Music because he attended Georgia Tech. The only thing I ever pulled out of thin air would be some girl's name that I couldn't remember -- five minutes after being introduced -- in college!
To be honest, I dont recall the Macon team,.. but I once had a intent to catch a Montgomery Biscuit game!
You guys are talking about the Southern League with Montgomery....I am in Chattanooga and it was a pleasure seeing the braves AA manager do his melt down on our own home field last year...what a show.."Chattanooga Lookouts"
ha ha...that was quite a show!!

very much worth the price of the $4.00 to the game.
This never gets old- I love it!
Love to catch minor league games, here are a few visited parks...


Ripken Field

Bowie Baysox

Our favorite minor league stadium is Dow Diamond in Midland, Michigan. It is home to the Great Lakes Loons (Dodgers) who had the best record in all of baseball (90-49) in 2010. It is a very nice park that is only 4 years old. We've watched some very good players like Clayton Kershaw advance into the majors.



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