I read where Josh was going to be followed around NYC the other day by TWIB... anyone know when that will be on? I just watched this weeks and it was mainly about the Rays and the All-Star game.

Also, being inspired by Josh... am looking for someone (or someones) that might be interested in doing this same trip next summer. Trying to officially break the record that Josh set unofficially. Either way it would be awesome to do it. If you think you might want to do this and are serious about dedicating the time to it, let me know :)

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Josh informed me that his episode should air within the next 2-3 weeks. I will make sure something gets posted once we have a confirmed date.

As for your 2009 trip, I would love to join you but all my funds are going to this website! My hope is that we can be the tool that helps you accomplish your mission!

This website may also come in handy. http://baseball-roadtrip.com/
Thanks Craig! If I get to do that trip next year, I'll have it documented well via this site. This site is awesome!
I would love to do something like that. If it wasn't for that "job thing" that always seems to interfere with life's plans. Good luck Ken- keep us updated.
Yeah, I gotta admit, I am on Office Manager for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service in Olympia, WA (to toot my own horn a bit, I was just named our districts "Tax Preparer of the Year" by the Jackson Hewitt corporate office, which means I have to accept the award on stage in front of thousands at the convention I will be attending next month in Orlando...yikes!). So, I work solid between November and early May. Then I can take the time to go and do something like this... if my wife agrees (which she isn't even close yet, but I keep testing the waters). If I can get 1 or 2 others that want to/can do it to reduce those costs by us all splitting it, we'd have enough drivers to go go go and the cost would be low enough I know she will agree :)

I am gonna put up a web site, soon, at www.seeall30.com, and start working towards getting this done next summer. Of course the hardest part, scheduling, cant happen until the teams release their schedules towards the end of the year. Never too early to plan :) Anyone wanna join me? :)
hey guys. i returned home last night after this amazing journey. the last 3 days of the trip were a whirl wind. TWIB followed us at Yankee Stadium, drove in the car with us to Shea, and then documented our trip in Queens. The Philadelphia to DC double header on thursday was miraculous. After driving 120 miles, Sven and I took the Greenbelt Metro to the stadium where my friend John was waiting at the end of the terminal with a tix....I took it from him and sprinted to the stadium entry making the first pitch by only 3 minutes!!! Thirty27 would be sealed if we made it to the Cubs game the next afternoon (we did). Some how, after sitting in Friday Chicago traffic for 1.5 hrs, we bolted to Milwaukee to make the 1st pitch by 7 minutes. Thus, watching all 30 MLB team games in a record days! TWIB will be using my video footage and airing a segment in the near future. I'm not sure when it will be broadcasted (probably the next 3-4 wks).
I was really curious about the Philly to DC, cause I have done that myself and barely made it. But I did it on a Sunday, less traffic, and had an extra hour due to it being a Sunday Night ESPN game in DC. I watched several of the games you were at hoping to see if they talked to you. Never did see ya, but I followed it from the get go. That's awesome you made it to all 30 parks in 26 days (bummer about having to leave Dodger Stadium early). Its my goal for next summer... I'm jealous for sure, but more so inspired knowing it can be done!!

Cant wait to see TWIB! Got the Tivo set for a season pass :)

If you wanna do it again next year, let me know :)
i don't think it's possible to do it in 25 days. we stretched the boundaries of driving and the variables are overwhelming. in my opinion, i don't think missing two innings of the dodgers game on june 21st diminishes the record at all. we made the first pitch to all 30 games and stayed to the last out every game but LAD (left after 9 innings). FYI, we went to the brewers game on the 12th just for fun and made the first pitch. I'm glad that i've inspired you and perhaps others to follow your dream!
I agree, it's still a record, no doubt. As long as I have been wanting to do this, I have never seen anyone do it in less than 30 days, so thats awesome. The bummer part is that if you were submitting to Guinness, which I thought I read you were, missing the end of that game takes your chance away from being in it officially. But it's still very impressive to be able to say you did what you did. Hopefully at this time next year I will be able to say the same thing.
Just got word from Josh that FOX will be airing "This Week in Baseball" this Saturday, August 9th at 3pmET/12pm PT.

Would anyone be able to record this and upload it to youtube?
I can record it (have TWIB set as a season pass on my dvr already) and get it on YouTube... just not sure how soon. Have a very busy schedule ahead of me the next few weeks... tomorrow I take the first part (of 3) of the Enrolled Agents Exam (an IRS thing), I have to start planning the classes I will be teaching this fall (Income Tax), I leave for Orlando for the Jackson Hewitt Corporate Management Summit on the 22nd (I'll be picking up my "Tax Preparer of the Year" award there on the 27th) and who can forget games in Tampa and Miami on the trip among others that I still have to plan for :) Wow, that was a long answer for a "I'll try to do it, if nobody beats me too it" :)
I was able to catch the segment today...really good stuff! It just made me more excited for the documentary to come out. Congrats again Josh!!
Man, the wife and mom in law were having a tag sale and i run to the family room to catch a breather and 30 seconds later I see you and your quest....

That's what I'm talking about Josh......
Good wife, great planning, Guinness book might have an issue, but you did it and great job......

2 guys over the course of 6 or 7 years ended up doing all the professional venues
mlb, nhl, nba, nfl.....

One guy www.adamsfootballtrip.com is coming out here from the UK and doing 35 nfl games in 1 season....plus the canada and london games and the bears twice, his favorite team......

The big ones I want to attempt are
120 ncaa d1 football
342 ncaa d1 hoops
and 131 or 132 the professional sports tour.... same season



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