2017 June 7th - 15th - Trip to see LA Dodgers, Angels, & Padres

I am trying to plan our trip this year to see more MLB parks.

We are looking at several different options after looking at this year schedule and the dates we can go.

One is to southern California.

My question is where would be the best location to fly into and stay the entire time to see these 3 MLB parks?  Los Angeles or San Diego...

It would really be hard to stay few days in one then a few days in the other because of the game schedules. 

The 7th - 11th it is just Dodgers and Padres at home.  It would have worked out great if the Angels were home when the Dodgers are.  But this is what I have to work with...

7th - Dodgers @ 3:10pm

9th - Dodgers home and Padres home play @ 10:10pm

10th - Padres home play @ 4:10pm AND Dodgers home play @ 10:10pm

11th - Dodgers and Padres home and play @ 4:10pm

12th - Angels and Padres home and play @ 10:10pm

13th - Angels and Padres home and play @ 10:10pm

14th - Padres home play @ 3:40pm AND Angels home play at 10:07pm

Any suggestions of where we should stay where we could see things and all three MLB parks during this time frame??  

Thanks so much!

Robin & Darrin

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Hey Robin, are you locked into those dates?  If you are not, maybe try "Baseball Road Trips.com" to find other options.  I just tried those 3 cities for a 3 day trip and 45 different options came up.  Some were LA to SD and then back to LA, some were LA, LA, SD.  Maybe try that site out before you book your tickets if you can go any time this season.  Good luck, Petco Park is great, Dodger Stadium is Dodger Stadium and Angels Stadium will leave you wanting a little more IMO.  Have a great trip whenever and whatever order you end up going in!!

Yes.  Unfortunately we are locked in.  We have to plan our time off at the beginning of the year and around other people's vacation.  Thanks for the suggestion tho.

Hey Robin. If you can do without catching the Wednesday June 7th game at Dodger Stadium, this plan may be the best one for you...

Fly into John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana (About 15 minutes from Anaheim) or LAX on Thursday, June 8th. The drive from LAX to Anaheim is longer and on a weekday can be daunting with the traffic. There are plenty of lodging options near Disneyland about a 5 minute drive from Angel Stadium. Anaheim is centrally located between L.A. and S.D. that you would have great flexibility between seeing the Dodgers and Padres that weekend. 

From the 12th-14th, you will have that same flexibility with the Angels and Padres. On Wednesday the 14th, if you want to be adventurous you can catch both the Padres and Angels on the same day. It is definitely possible that you could do all your lodging in Anaheim in that one trip instead of multiple lodging. Feel free to send me a DM if you have any more questions especially as you get closer to your trip and you have a clearer idea of what games you will be attending. 

Have a great time !

Sounds like a great option.  What would you suggest to use for transportation between LA and SD?  should we rent a car?  If we flew into John Wayne Airport do you know of a hotel we should stay at that might have shuttle.  or taxi may not be too expensive. 

Hey Robin. Here's a list of hotels near both Angel Stadium and Disneyland. As for shuttles you may want to call the hotels. All of these hotels on the first page are a really short 5 minute cab drive from Angel Stadium. 

As for transportation between LA and SD you'll probably want to rent a car especially if you plan on doing other activities, such as the theme parks or museums among other things. 

Feel free to keep me up to date. Once you get a set idea of your itinerary  and schedule including things you'll want to do other than baseball I can help you more on planning. 

Great info. than you!!

I would not stay in Los Angeles.  There aren't a lot of hotels in the area that are reasonably priced and close.  I agree Anaheim was nice and would be a decent drive in either direction.  San diego was nice too.  Check out the San Diego Zoo while you're there :)

This may shock you but you don't have to rent a car if you don't want to. The train can take you from LA's Union Station, where there's a shuttle to Dodger Stadium, to Anaheim, hotel shuttles, to San Diego, the trolley. 

While you may want a car to get to other sites the train could help you avoid awful Southern California traffic.

If you're going to Dodger Stadium, the best place to stay in Downtown. The hotels are pricier and it'll cost you a ridiculous amount to park your car. So you may be better off staying in a hotel near Disneyland that's a better deal. That said, I wouldn't want to go a night game at Petco and drive to Anaheim after the game. You can just stay in San Diego.

I liked the Hilton down there, as it was walking distance from the ballpark but any hotel near the trolley line will make getting to the game super easy. 

If you're staying in Anaheim John Wayne may be the best place to fly into, as it's a short drive or you can get a hotel shuttle. LAX is often the cheapest to fly into, but Jet Blue flies into Long Beach. If the rate there is good you're not a long drive from Anaheim and you could even stay in Long Beach and take the Metro to Dodger Stadium. 

Thanks so much for the great information.

Hey Robin. Just checking up to see if you'll still be coming out here to Southern California next month. It is true that you can get to Dodger Stadium without driving however a lot will depend on what other activities you plan on doing before and after the game as well especially if it's a night game. A lot also depends where you're staying.

Hope you can make it out here. Please keep us posted



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