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I recently found this site and can't believe how many people have a passion for seeing different ballparks!  (And I thought I was the only crazy one... )  One of my "bucket list" items is to spend a summer driving to, and seeing games at, all 30 MLB Ballparks.  I have decided to make that dream a reality this summer!  I hope to maintain a blog on this site to record and share that adventure.

In the mean time, I just wanted to say "hi" to everybody, how jealous I am of everybody who has seen more than me, and how excited I am to catch up with you!  (Yeah, yeah, some of you have seen stadiums that don't exist anymore so I can't really catch up, blah, blah, blah...)  Maybe I can even meet some of you along the way!

- Jason

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How many have you seen?

Lifetime, I've seen games at 6 current stadiums (CitiField, Fenway, Wrigley, Chase Field, AT&T Park, Oakland Coliseum), a rainout at the current Yankee Stadium (so I don't count it), and games at 4 former stadiums (old Comiskey, Shea, the previous Yankee Stadium, Veterans Stadium).

This summer, I'm officially starting my road trip (and my counting) on Tuesday with CitiField.  I'm also going to try to get to games early to spend some time actually exploring the stadiums, whereas, previously, I would just go to see the games.


Good luck. This is a huge undertaking. I have been slowly adding stadiums over time and now have seen 1,034 major league ball regular season or playoff games at 38 stadiums. Yet, I've still never been to California. Like you, I've been to ballparks that are no more. 

I wish I could advise you on parking, public transportation or tickets. However, that is part of the adventure. I've used my car, the "L", subways, light rail, commuter rail, and walked from my hotel. Good deals from the Reds, for instance, now that I live in KY,  is the Reds are selling a "Top 6" pass for every game at Great American Ball Park. It costs $29.99/month and assures the owner of the smart phone with the MLB Ballpark app a seat in the top 6 rows at GABP for every home game through September. Likely, you are already researching and will take advantage of any discounts found on team websites or trusted outlets.

Certainly, an MLB Stadium experience offers a good perspective of that city or community. I guess I am not a huge fan of exploring ball parks anymore. The ones opened since 1972 seem similar in feel and appearance. However, some offer a glimpse of their history or plaques honoring past heroes. I would advise finding the fan appreciation/customer service desk. They are very helpful at every park I've been to. Depending on how busy the stadium is the day you attend, you may get lucky like me. I have had the good fortune of being personally escorted  by staff to the stadium free museums/displays like at the new Yankee Stadium, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Washington and Cleveland. Believe me, this is very different from when I first started attending games 46 seasons ago.

Enjoy your travels. I've been to 7 games this year including Great American Ball Park, Kauffman Stadium, and Minute Maid. You'll shortly be way ahead of me. 

Stuart Crane

Thanks for the suggestions Stuart!  I appreciate your lengthy response.  And I'll certainly be hitting up fan appreciation/customer service desks (and anyone else I can think of) to get an extra plus to my experience!

- Jason S.

My reviews in my blog:


WOW! David, your blog and your reviews are amazing! Looks like you had a great time on your adventures and writing about them for us to share. Thank you for the link and all of the wonderful information!

- Jason S.

Thank you for the compliment. I hope it gives you insight into food, hotel, transportation, and you take a few of my tips.

I enjoyed going to no more than 3 games in 3 cities in 3 days. There was a time I did 5 stadiums in both 5 and 4 days and that was too much. The objective was to enjoy the stadiums not check off that I went. 



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