Happy Chasing!

Already got out my calendar! We're only making it to Rogers Centre this year. Hopefully we make it to more [new to us] stadiums next season. 

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Hi mate

New to this board, do you know if the dates for 2018 are now set in stone...is it just the start times that can change ?


Hi Richard!

The dates are set, but the times are subject to change. Our game this weekend changed the time the week before the game.

Oh right, thanks Tova

Presume you follow the Yankees ?

At least I can look at accommodation for the trip, but I didn't realise that the game times can change at such short notice....does this happen often ?

best not plan for any on the day of arrival into town, albeit i tend to like it to be the day after so I can get to know the city first

Cheers Richard

Hah hah, yes, I'm a Yankees fan. So, Saturday's game was very exciting for us.

I would like to say they don't change the start of the game that often, but it happened to us twice this year. However, it's only happened to us with Yankee games. I know regarding the game this weekend, it had to do with a network change.

We have gone to games the day we've gotten into town, however, we didn't buy tickets beforehand.

What teams/cities are you planning for next season?

Just did a trip with 4 other Brits to Toronto, Cleveland and Detroit....saw the record equalling Indians game !

Just booked a flight from the UK to Chicago, doing Brewers/Milwaukee, Twins, back to Chicago for White Sox (done Cubs..albeit would happily go again !) then finishing with Reds / Cincinnati...been to the city on a trip 3 years ago, but were not at home. However did do Pittsburg,Cardinals and Kansas that trip, so filling in a gap. 

After this, will leave only 12 to do, which includes Seattle which i did at their old ground back in 1995...my first trip

Only seriously started doing all 30 once i knew we could do 3 in the week we had earlier this month...good few to do, but at least a few in SoCal, and guess I could do Atlanta and the 2 Florida teams in a trip

We did Chicago (both) > Milwaukee > Twins last season! Good trip. Highly recommend Mona Lisa's in Eau Claire between Mikwaukee and Minneapolis.

We toyed with doing Detroit this weekend, but didn't have the time. I'm hoping next season we can do Seattle, then drive down the PCH to SanFran. We've been to AT&T park before, but it's one of my favorites.

I've toyed with the idea of doing Tampa Bay > Miami > Atlanta, but Atlanta is about 6 1/2 hours from Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg. It's not completely off the table, but I think my husband would rather just fly into Atlanta for the weekend - but I know that wouldn't really be an option for you.

Just a suggestion, if you haven't done them yet - We did Dodgers and Angels, drove up the PCH and did Giants and A's. Unfortunately the Padres were playing the Dodgers and Angels, so we didn't get to this them. However, I have a Padres > Diamondbacks > Grand Canyon trip planned out.

worst thing is when we did the Chicago trip in 2010, both Brewers and White Sox were at home on the last night...but it was a lads trip so beer in town won out !

Thanks re Miami etc...hadn't looked yet at drive time...we have been to Atlanta city, so guess we could fly in their, and maybe out of Miami and have a little road trip - not been to Florida at all 

I will split the SoCal trip as could do with the lads - my wife has had 3 night in San Diego, and 4 in LA so maybe not that bothered again - just depends if all can get a big pass out from their wife's for such a trip !!

Will plan another to San Francisco..been to gee them, but not Oakland - might tag on a trip to Seattle again then

Ouch! But I love Chicago, so I would have no problem going back.

Miami to Atlanta is about an hour and 45 minute flight. We had been hoping to hit up Atlanta this season but unfortunately, it just didn't work out.

San Fran to Seattle is under two hours to fly, but my husband and I have done the PCH from LA to San Fran, so we want to go the rest of the way, San Fran to Seattle.
Yeh,looking forward to Chicago again, class city

Not thought of doing rest of PCH....like you done most if way to San Fran.nortgern Calufornia sounds great,and loved my few days in Oregan in 95 - perhaps cut in for a couple of nights in Portland !
That is our plan! Seattle to San Fran with stops in Aberdeen (Nirvana), Astoria/Cannon Beach (Goonies) and Portland.
Went through Aberdeen in 1995, not much too it, went to Westport for a quiet night...ended up out till 2am !
I think we were only planning on stopping for an hour or so in Aberdeen, but I'll definitely keep Westport in mind.



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