I am new to this board, and am from Leeds, England, but have just been over for 3 games at Toronto, Cleveland (saw record equaling game) and Detroit a couple of weeks ago.

I have done 14/30 parks, plus the old Seattle one, and want to do all 30. At the moment trying to do trips where i can tick off a few parks at the same time

Thus I am looking to plan a trip for next May/June with my wife for a couple of weeks, and want to do another 3/4 parks...probably Milwaukee,Minnesota and Chicago, plus possibly Cincinnati if it works !

I know the schedule is now out for 2018, and so are some of the game times...which I note are subject to change...

However, my question is are the actual dates now fixed - not so bothered about game times at this stage, but would like to plan for flight etc as soon as possible

Many thank guys


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Yes, once the schedule is published it SHOULD be, for the most part, fixed.  However, nothing is 100% for sure until later in the winter.  For example, in April 2015 I had planned on going to Tampa to see my Blue Jays open the season, and then head to Miami and Atlanta.  MLB moved the opening game of the Jays and Rays up a day, thus creating a headache with my first plans.  

So, slight changes can happen, but for the most part, the schedule should be pretty stable.

Good stuff,thanks Paul

Hopefully I should be okay with my trip next Kate May into June, and most of the time I look at attending a game the day after I arrive in the city, so if moved forward I can still probably make it, at a rush !

Was at Ble Jays v tigers on September 10, good win !

Hi Paul

Just checked the MLB fixture schedule and note that all the start times are now listed, albeit I have only just picked up there was an announcement on Jan 10...only seem to have updated the schedule now though...great news  though !

I guess its now okay to start booking my accommodation for my 4 Midwest games in late May/June then...subject to what you say above 

Great!  Let the planing begin!




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