Has anyone looked into the 2020 season yet? I'd like to see the Nats/Phillies/Orioles within a 4 day period that includes a weekend. Let me know if you see my path to enlightenment!

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Have you ever tried http://www.baseball-roadtrip.com ?

I didn't even know it existed. I usually do it all myself but I've been so busy. 

Thanks Greg

Yea, no problem. It's a great planning tool I use!

Hi Ryan,

Haven't logged in for awhile, just saw your post.  I am tentatively planning to take a quick trip with a friend, and we plan to catch these games:

7/1 1:05 Yankees at Orioles

7/2 12:05 PM Padres at Phillies

7/3 6:05 PM Astros at Nationals

I know that's close to the Independence Day holiday, but let me know if you will be at any of them! 

Eric Sather

thanks for the help. We used that website Greg suggested and setup a trip for June. Looking forward to numbers 17, 18 and 19.





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